Weddings, But Better

“Truly unforgettable wedding venues are at our fingertips for those willing to step out of their comfort zones…” 

Many married couples will attest that choosing their wedding venue is the one decision that has the most significant impact on the event. In most cases the venue is the biggest expense, but it is also the lodestone around which the chosen date of the event, catering options, theme and the attendees’ experience will orbit around. The result is that researching and considering the wedding venue is one of the most time-consuming and even daunting parts of the process. This is especially difficult if the couple decides on eschewing typical wedding locations for an outside the box experience for both them and their guests. 

Couples should start the process by creating a list of what they both want in their ideal wedding venue. What kind of event are they wanting to host? Will there be a theme? Wedding theming has become the norm and very few don’t have some kind of motif that reflects who the bride and groom are as a couple. Whether it’s elegant and classic, sophisticated or something natural like a garden wedding, rustic, quirky, or something out of the ordinary, the couple should establish what is most important to them.

Outdoors-loving duos have had camping nuptials complete with campfires, forests, and smores. Sports fans have said their vows in stadiums around the world. There are a number of options for those wanting to be creative and the sharing economy has made it more possible than ever to find a wedding venue that is more of an experience and statement rather than a staid and four-walled reception hall. More and more adventure weddings, ceremonies in breweries/distilleries, at festival style sites, greenhouse/glasshouse venues, historical venues, college campuses, movie theatres and even zoos have played host to out of the box weddings. 

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Once a couple has driven down to the type of venue that suits them, logistics such as ample parking, catering, liquor licenses, music regulations, functioning heating or a/c, water services, and even dressing areas for the bride and the groom should all be considered when researching. flow of guest traffic, event activities, and acoustics should also be on the list. 

A recent study showed that the five most meaningful factors in choosing the appropriate venue were: communication, food/beverage, aesthetics, pricing, and access. Everything about the wedding, including the look, tone, and feel depends on the location. The point of a wedding ceremony is to give start to a loving and positive mutual life together. Therefore, locations play a crucial role in keeping the guests happy as well looking to ensure a joyful atmosphere that will result in memories. 

Couples shouldn’t be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the location that best matches their vision. Truly unforgettable locations are at our fingertips for those willing to step out of their comfort zones and consider other options. Sites like Sharecube offer an exciting new marketplace with their mission of connecting people to spaces. Making use of an easy to use platform, Sharecube connects users to previously inaccessible spaces. Sharecube partners with space owners making it possible to gain short term access to venues that can provide immersive experiences for guests as well as showcase what makes a couple special. Open air weddings, rooftops, cinemas, treehouses, mountaintops and period homes are just some options available to make the special day memorable and one-of-a-kind. With Sharecube’s innovative platform and ease-of-access to distinctive environs, the possibilities are as endless as the places themselves.